Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is a term that describes a holistic solution for digital transformation. It combines multiple technologies which, when closely aligned to your business model, can significantly improve efficiency.


BPM covers a range of activities that look to measure, manage and improve how processes are executed.

Process and task mining are analytical tools which allow you to extract a fact-based picture of how your business is operating.

Proservartner can help you navigate this exciting element of artificial intelligence to quickly apply and gain benefit for your business.

  • Managed services – support, hosting, licenses
  • Training
  • Change Management

Educate before you automate

Despite the fact that automation has been very heavy on the agenda for the last few years, many people are still confused or at early stages of discovery. One common theme we see is that the sheer amount of vendors all promising similar things but under different names (RPA, AI, Machine Learning) causes misunderstanding.

Proservartner  believe strongly in educating before automating and regularly organise breakfast briefings, webinars as well as producing whitepapers and thought pieces.


The right direction. Faster.

Proservartner’s background is in change management and process improvement and coupled with the know-how of our development team we can not only find the right technical solution for you, but also ensure it is implemented into your business smoothly.

Our in house team comprises of:

  • 20 Certified Developers
  • 10 Certified business analysts
  • 8 Solution Architects
  • 5 Infrastructure Specialists
whitepaper no brainer

Heard about the benefits of automation, but not sure where to start? Our free whitepaper will give you an overview on the technology as well as 15 processes we consider to be 'no brainers' in terms of implementation.

Download our whitepaper

The efficient coordination of people, systems and data is reliant on solid operational and business process infrastructure.

  • Business Process Management
  • Task and Process Mining
  • Process Repository
rpa development

Ensure standardisation of process, remove human error and free up staff to work on higher-value work by automating repetitive processes.

Make automated and intelligent decisions by leveraging artificial intelligence. Bots not only capable of replicating humans, but thinking on their own.

"We see our role as making sure that organisations really understand how they should use automation to drive a competitive advantage for their business."

Stephen, Director of Intelligent Automation

proservartner stephen

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