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RPA for Human Resources

Thursday 28th May/14:00-15:00pm (BST)

People are the greatest asset for any organisation and yet many Human Resources professionals spend more time on mundane tasks then they do helping those people. RPA offers a solution for low value and high volume tasks.

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Cost optimisation to support rebuilding after lockdown

Tuesday 2nd June/ 14:00pm-15:00pm (BST)

Lockdown of the economy is forcing all enterprises to re-evaluate their cost structures whilst rebuilding revenue channels. Short, medium and long term considerations are essential to establish effective cost foundations to survive and support sustainable regrowth.

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UiPath’s Automation Hub webinar

Tuesday 16th June/ 14:30pm-15:30pm (BST)

UiPath have recently released their Automation Hub tool which is designed to allow for easier scaling and expansion of your automation programme.

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Automating the P2P Cycle

Monday 22nd June

Throughout the entire procure to pay cycle there are opportunities to streamline the process with automation whilst keeping control and an oversight on compliance.

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RPA for Insurance

Thursday 2nd July/15:00pm-16:00pm (BST)

Processes such as underwriting, claims to process, and policy servicing, bring along with them a plethora of important but mundane and repetitive work. This has contributed to rising costs and stalled growth in the insurance space.

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