Implementing and scaling any automation programme or technology is a major challenge no matter the size of your business. Often the automation process is carried out in silo with key stakeholders only involved when collecting process information, or testing the solution.

Leading automation vendor UiPath have recently released their Automation Hub tool which is designed to allow for complete transparency, prioritisation and scaling of ANY automation software not limited to RPA or UiPath.

The automation hub acts as a dashboard allowing different people in your organisation to find, prioritise and track the progress of different automation projects.

It allows organisations to collect essential process details from their subject matter experts, automatically document prospective processes, customise Process Definition Documents and connect your process experts to developers.

In our webinar we will be discussing:

  • Current pitfalls experienced when scaling automation
  • Overview of the Automation Hub
  • How can you gamify automation?
  • Real Case Study – Hear how one company was able to facilitate a bot for every employee using automation hub.

Join us for an informative webinar that will cover not only the automation hub but practical examples of problems encountered when implementing automation, and how they were overcome.

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